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For over 100 years there has been a wine and spirits merchants, here, at the corner of Portland Street and Sefton Street.

At that time the owners were the Doward Brothers who also ran a bottling plant as well as other bars and wine shops in Southport.

A customer could walk into Doward Brothers to buy a grand British real ale, the finest wines they could find, or simply to refill their empty bottles from the in house sherry casks that dominated the shop.

In the years since, not much has changed really. The Shop has expanded into its neighbouring shops and today the crossroads are dominated by Portland Wines. We no longer have the massive sherry vats much as we'd love them but we still have great quality at fair prices.

We pride ourselves in finding the best wines, beers and spirits out there with most of our wines coming from smaller more dedicated wine producers. Quality is our primary focus when choosing which products we stock.

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